New Mills heritage and information Centre

ew Mills Heritage and Information Centre 2015

A selection of snacks for you to enjoy

The Counter

We like to have a display the work of local artists for you to enjoy whilst having your cup of tea or hot chocolate.

The Art Display in the Cafe

The actual pulpit from which John Wesley, founder of Methodism, actually preached when visiting New Mills.

John Wesley’s Pulpit

Our small cafe; enjoy your drinks and snacks in comfort whilst enjoying the work of local artists.

The Cafe

We sell a range of inexpensive gifts and cards

Gifts and Cards

The section of the shop concentrating on local history, guide books and maps of various types

Books and Maps

These photographs represent a small sample of the contents of the Centre, taken from within the Museum, the Cafe and the Shop.

A selection of photos taken of New Mills Heritage and Information Centre

What You Will Find

A representation of John Potts at work, engraving a roller for use in the calico printing process.  There is a commentary accompanying the diorama.

The John Potts Diorama

The joining of New Mills and Newtown with the building of the Bridge that spanned the Torrs Gorge displayed as a model, and with an accompanying narrative.

A Model Of The Town As It Was In 1884

Don a hard hat and crawl through our mock mine.  Try and imagine what it felt like being eight years old and having to work in such a confined space.

The Mine