New Mills heritage and information Centre

ew Mills Heritage and Information Centre 2015

New Mills Heritage and Information Centre runs effectively because of the team of volunteers that have operated the Centre for over 25 years.

Their cumulative knowledge encompasses the local history, the local flora and fauna, the geography and geology of New Mills. They can tell you the times of the buses and the trains and advise on road transport.

And all of this is done whilst making you a hot drink or discussing local walks, or helping you with your accommodation needs or local taxi firms.

Under the leadership of the Administrator - currently Mike Daniels - the volunteers open the Centre six days a week, and every bank holiday except Christmas Day.

The Volunteers

Led by Barry Bate, our Education Officer, the small team he has built up from very humble beginnings have already begun to make a name for themselves, taking their Calico Printing project on the road in several Primary Schools locally.

This proved so popular that they were even invited back for repeat shows and have won awards with this project and look to build on it in the future as the Heritage and Information Centre looks to the future.

So, if you are a teacher or the head of a local school, why not contact Barry to see how he and his team can help you bring the national curriculum to life.


With approximately 750 artifacts in the collection, the work of our small band of curators is vital.

Not only are they busy preparing our exhibitions, but they have to conserve all the artifacts as well as maintain a record of each item.

And we are rightly proud of our exhibitions.  Recently, ‘John Potts’ stood in for the ‘Station Master’ in our exhibition for the celebration of 150 years of New Mills Central Station, and the ‘mine’ made a good facsimile of a World War One trench.

Led by Judith Lanham, all the curatorial team is drawn from our hard-working volunteers and so have a special affinity for the task in hand.

The Museum

Mike Daniels